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Elevate your dinner parties with one of our in-home experiences.
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Interactive Dinners

Experience the process of making and enjoying a delicious meal with friends, accompanied by a private chef.


Wine Tasting

A fun time whether you want to expand your wine knowledge and tasting techniques, or just enjoy a drink with friends. 


Dinner & Wine Tasting

Can't decide between the dinner and wine tasting? Combine the two for an evening of fine dining and drinking.

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Rave Reviews

"Justyna was so knowledgable and a lot of fun! We would definitely book again."
Interactive Dinners

Interactive Dinners

This experience includes:

Charcuterie Board - full of different cheeses, meats, fruits and nuts to enjoy as a starter.

Dinner Demonstration - your choice of Pierogi Dumplings or Homemade Pasta. Justyna will demo and then invite you to participate in the process, at the level of your comfort.

Dinner - enjoy the fruits of your labor! Family-style dinner featuring the main course along with a seasonal salad.

$85/person with a $250 minimum


Wine Tasting

This experience includes:

Justyna Miranda is a certified Sommelier. Whether you want to expand your wine knowledge and learn proper tasting techniques, or just have fun drinking wine with your friends, she will create an exceptional experience for you to enjoy.


Tasting of five different wines - tailored to your preferences.

Cheese pairings - to try with each of the different wines.

$65/person with a $250 minimum + wine cost

(Wine cost minimum is $65)

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Wine Tasting

Dinner & Wine Tasting

This experience includes:

Combine the Interactive Dinner with the Wine Tasting for an evening of wine drinking and fine dining.


Parties of six or more: $125/person

Dinne & Wine

Give the gift of delicious food.

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