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Reconnecting Food & People

How it began

City Girl Farming is all about 'Reconnecting Food and People', which serves as our mission statement. I started this business in opposition to our current food systems after discovering the seemingly countless negative effects caused by its design.​


Ultimately, the more I learned about our food systems and its implications, the more powerless, hopeless, and angry I grew. I found my way out of that negative realm through farming -- it provided me a way to reconnect to the very core values I grew up with and by doing what I know how to do best (make delicious food and enjoy it with the people I love).


City Girl Farming was born out of the desire to create a new way to connect people to their food in a healthy, sustainable way.

We hope to make healthy eating an easy choice for you and your family -- one that doesn't require you to compromise your values along the way.

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Real Ingredients

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Locally Sourced


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Sustainable Packaging

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Healthy, Delicious Meals

What you can expect

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Have you heard about our Container Return Program?
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